x150 PvP
Server Status
18 August, 2023 • 19:00 (UTC -3)

Buy Coins


Your character is affected by double bonuses from xp, sp, tvt, tournament and other drops. In addition enchant chance rates +5%
Is applied only to a choosen character, not to the account.

The vip allow you to use up to 30 amazing armor skins on our .menu cboard

+2x Experience
+2x Adena Drop
+2x server farm drops
+2x Spoil
Access to VIP Chat. using +

365 days Subscription x15 Coins


Available at server opening.

Custom Strider x5 Coins

Change Sex x5 Coins

Change Name x5 Coins

Max XP/SP/Level x5 Coins

Change Class x10 Coins

Special Tatto x15 Coins

Custom Accessories x10 Coins

Custom Shields x5 Coins

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